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Solstice Park Redevelopment (formerly Lincoln Park Annex)
Pro Parks Project Information

7400 Fauntleroy Way S.W.

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In July 2005, this park was renamed Solstice Park. The name was chosen to reflect a design feature in the park. Three pathways leading to a viewpoint overlooking Puget Sound are aligned with the solstices and equinox. Depending on the season of the celestial event, the sun will set on one of three granite markers which lie at the terminus of the three pathways.


Lynn Sullivan
800 Maynard Avenue S., Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98134-1336
Construction of the overlook and stairs to 44th Avenue SW was completed in August 2002. The grand opening was held the evening of the Autumnal Equinox.

The foundation of the P-patch was installed in the of Spring 2003. Volunteer labor can be credited for erecting the garden walls and constructing the remainder of the hillside complex.

Vegetation management is on-going in the area near the steps to 44th Avenue SW. Contact Dan Dahl for work party information.

7400 Fauntleroy Way S.W.
Total Budget: $258,000
Planning: 2001
Design: 10/1/2001
Construction: 4/1/2002
Completion: 8/15/2002


Project Description:
An overlook with views to the Puget Sound was constructed on top of a berm engineered and constructed in the mid-1980s for the purpose of holding back a slide area. The top of the berm, as well as a swale located behind the berm, was cleared of weeds and blackberries and seeded with native grasses. Seven irrigation quick-couplers accommodating hookups for garden hoses were positioned alongside a new pedestrian/maintenance trail that connects Vashon Place SW to 45th Avenue SW. A small bridge leading across the swale as well as a foot trail and stairs to 44th Avenue SW were also constructed.

Friends of Lincoln Park Annex continue to manage the blackberries that once enveloped the open area adjacent to the trail to 44th Avenue. The area was grubbed during construction, and community volunteers, with the aid of the Parks Department Natural Area Crew, have successfully limited their return. Cardboard has been placed over the soil and mulch placed on top. This is an ongoing process that is intended to kill all blackberry roots that may have survived the initial gubbing. After a year of repeated mulching, native vegetation will be planted in the area in 2003.

Project History/Background:
In 1999, monies were acquired from the Department of Neighborhoods through the Small and Simple Grant Program and Early Implementation Fund. With these monies, the Morgan Junction Community Association (MoCA) hired the landscape architecture firm of Allworth Nussbaum to hold a series of community meetings and produce a site plan (and preliminary construction documents) for the entire Lincoln Park Annex. The overlook was identified as that portion of the site plan the community wanted constructed with Pro Parks Levy dollars.

Construction was completed in August 2002, however, the community continues its activist role in the planning and construction of the p-patch. Department of Neighborhood dollars have again been matched through the efforts of community fundraising. With these dollars, the construction company of Grade Inc. has been hired to construct the foundation of the p-patch in the spring of 2003. Upon completion of Grade's work, the community will finish construction with volunteer labor.

Planning Document Pathways Top of Park Area, towards Elm.
Top of the Park Space - Kinney Home Second Field

Lincoln Park Annex

Top of the Park Space - Kinney Home Second Field
Top of the Park Space - Kinney Home Second Field
Click an image for the larger, detailed view.


Bob Fernandes,
Morgan Junction Community Association (MOCA)

Dan Dahl,
Friends of Lincoln Park Annex


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