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SUBJECT:   FileLocal New Name for Multicity Business Portal -- one stop for local business licensing and tax filing
11/25/2013  9:20:00 AM
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FileLocal New Name for Multicity Business Portal
One stop for local business licensing and tax filing

SEATTLE – Next fall when businesses in the region’s four largest cities want to get a local business license or need pay their local business and occupation taxes, they’ll be able to do it through FileLocal™. That’s the new name given to a multicity business license and tax portal that will provide cost savings for businesses, reduce administrative costs for cities and improve access to local license and tax information. Along with the new name there is a website,, to provide businesses information about the upcoming portal.

“The name ‘FileLocal’ captures exactly what this new service is all about,” said city of Seattle Finance Director Glen Lee. “FileLocal will greatly simplify what a business needs to do to get or renew a city business license, or calculate and pay local B&O taxes.”

Officials in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and Everett have been working on developing the concept behind the service since 2010. This summer, the group hired an experienced Louisiana-based technology firm, e-Gov Systems, to build and test the site.

“FileLocal will launch next fall,” Lee said. “We wanted to give the vendor adequate time to build the site, but also ample time to test and retest it.”

The service will benefit 90 percent of businesses statewide that pay local B&O taxes. After its launch, other cities may choose to subscribe to FileLocal to simplify licensing and tax filings for their businesses.

The nearly 30,000 companies operating in more than one of the four cities will especially welcome FileLocal. Those businesses need only enter their profile information once, then for each reporting period add in their sales data. FileLocal will use city-specific rates and special incentives to compute the total due from the company across all of the cities in which it does business. The company will then enter payment information, either EFT or credit card, and FileLocal will distribute the funds to meet the amounts due in each of the cities.

Businesses can visit to find more information about the portal.