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SUBJECT:   Mayor, Chief Pugel applaud announcement from Attorney-General Holder
8/29/2013  11:00:00 AM

Mayor, Chief Pugel applaud announcement from
Attorney-General Holder

SEATTLE - Today US Attorney-General Holder announced that the federal government would not interfere with the implementation of I-502.

"Washington voters overwhelmingly approved the legalization of marijuana last year, a policy that I fully support," said Mayor Mike McGinn. "Since then, we have wondered what the course of action would be for federal officials, for whom marijuana remains an illegal substance. Today, I applaud US Attorney-General Holder's announcement that he will not interfere with the will of Washington voters. Seattle public safety officials, residents and entrepreneurs can now proceed with confidence that the will of the voters has prevailed in Washington."

"I am pleased that Attorney-General Holden has provided clarity about the future of I-502 in Washington State," said Interim Police Chief Jim Pugel. "Our department will continue our mission of public safety, harm reduction, and public education encouraging safe and lawful behavior with regards to the guidelines for marijuana established by Washington voters."

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