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SUBJECT:   Linden Avenue North Complete Street Project opens to public
7/13/2013  11:30:00 AM
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Linden Avenue North Complete Street Project opens to public
Award winning project enhances neighborhood safety, creates Seattle's first urban cycle track

Today Mayor Mike McGinn, City Councilmembers, community advocates, neighborhood businesses and families celebrated the completion of the award winning Linden Avenue North Complete Streets Project, which redeveloped the street into a neighborhood friendly roadway that enhances safety for all users. The project includes repaving, new sidewalks, green stormwater infrastructure, and one of Seattle’s first cycle tracks.

“Nearby residents have been asking for these improvements for a long time, and I am excited to see this project completed,” said McGinn. “I hope this project will help improve road safety and help build a great urban neighborhood.”

Planning for the Linden Avenue North Project began nearly a decade ago with long-time neighborhood residents calling for the redevelopment of the increasingly industrial 17-block corridor back to its residential neighborhood roots. Community members worked closely with the City of Seattle to create the Vision 2020 Broadview/Bitter Lake/Haller Lake Neighborhood Plan in 1999 and updated it in 2012.

The Linden Avenue North Complete Street Project repaved the roadway from North 128th to North 145th streets, adding continuous sidewalks, curbs and curb-ramps and a new pedestrian crossing near the Bitter Lake Community Center with an infrared-activated flashing beacon. 

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) project also created a two-way cycle track on the eastern side of the roadway modeled after those in Vancouver, B.C., completing the Interurban Trail between Seattle and Shoreline by filling a critical gap. The project added street trees and landscape plantings along both sides of the street, installed green storm water infrastructure to improve drainage and added energy-saving LED street lighting. It additionally incorporated artwork that celebrates Playland, an amusement park that was located near the community center from 1930 to 1961.

“What a marvelous, truly collaborative achievement, that I must say is appreciated by all of us who have worked for 20 years for this result,” said local resident Richard Dyksterhuis. “The City of Seattle has pulled off a one of a kind street experience: a safe passage for all modes of movement. This is an avenue where there is a place for everyone to have a truly safe way to travel.”

"Construction of this $12.1 million SDOT project began in June 2012 and was substantially completed this week, although some final street lighting upgrades will occur later this month. The project was funded in large part by the voter-approved Bridging the Gap transportation levy. Mayor McGinn worked with the City Council to identify additional funding sources that were necessary to begin construction on the project."

In recognition of its transformative effect, the Linden Avenue North Complete Street Project won a Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2040 Award for its positive contribution to area growth.

For more information on the Linden Avenue North Complete Street Project, visit SDOT’s project website, or call the project hotline: 206-462-6350.

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