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SUBJECT:   Mayor announces availability of child care assistance
4/11/2013  11:00:00 AM

Mayor announces availability of child care assistance
300 subsidies available for low- and moderate-income working parents

SEATTLE - Mayor Mike McGinn today announced the availability of assistance for high-quality child care assistance from the City of Seattle for low- or moderate-income parents who are working or enrolled in job training. Currently, the City has more than 300 slots available for child care subsidies.

"These subsidies will help parents find and keep a good job," said McGinn. "And while they are at work, their children deserve a high-quality, nurturing environment to learn and prepare for success."

The Seattle Human Services Department's (HSD) Child Care Assistance Program helps working families in Seattle pay for child care for children ages one month to 13 years old. The amount of payment varies according to the income of the family, age of the child, and the hours of care needed. The City pays between 25% and 70% of the cost for child care, and the family is responsible for paying the difference between the voucher amount and the provider's regular monthly rate.

To qualify, the parent must:

  • Live within the Seattle city limits
  • Be employed and/or enrolled in educational/job training
  • Have child/children under 13 years of age
  • Use a provider contracted with the City of Seattle
  • Not be eligible for any other child care subsidy program
  • Meet the income guidelines based on family size (see table below)

2013 Income Guidelines

Family Size

Gross Monthly Income


$2,587 - $3,879


$3,257 - $4,884


$3,927 - $5,889


$4,597 - $6,894


$5,267 - $7,899

Qualifying families can choose from more than 131 licensed family child care homes and centers in Seattle that contract with the City to provide high-quality and affordable child care. Of the 131, 111 sites are at social service agencies or child care centers, and 20 are in homes.

The Human Service Department has allocated $2,682,310 in 2013 for child care assistance payments, which will serve approximately 835 children during the year. This includes $500,000 in added funding from the Mayor, enabling the program to serve an additional 75 families.

For more information on the program and on how to apply, please call 206-386-1050.

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