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SUBJECT:   Seattle Releases Transportation Action Agenda Progress Report
2/13/2013  11:00:00 AM

Seattle Releases Transportation Action Agenda Progress Report

Today Mayor Mike McGinn and the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) released the Transportation Action Agenda Progress Report to highlight accomplishments from the past year and new initiatives for 2013.

"We're working hard to build a great transportation network that meets the needs of a growing, thriving city," said McGinn. "We're filling potholes, planning new rail lines, and providing safer facilities for everyone using our roads."

"As this progress report shows, we worked diligently over the past year to meet the commitments made in the Transportation Action Agenda," said SDOT Director Peter Hahn. "I am proud of SDOT's accomplishments and look forward to a second strong year guided by our Action Agenda."

The progress report highlights additional activities added to SDOT's portfolio since the release of the original 2012 Transportation Action Agenda. Among new initiatives are:

  • High Capacity Transit (HCT) The City is working to speed up the timeframe for two key transit planning projects identified in the Transit Master Plan. The first is an analysis of potential Ship Canal crossings for rail, bicycle and pedestrian use from Ballard to neighborhoods south of the Canal, and the second project is planning for the Eastlake HCT corridor connecting downtown to the University District. The mayor will submit to the City Council a supplemental budget request to fund these studies.
  • Access Seattle To help SDOT share information with the public and to better coordinate growth and new projects, the department is creating Access Seattle. The project includes technology improvements to help better manage transportation infrastructure (for example, real-time signage and signal systems upgrades) and increased public access to construction information and traffic conditions.
  • Cycle Tracks and Neighborhood Greenways SDOT has begun construction on the Linden Avenue cycle track and construction on the Broadway cycle track will begin soon. Neighborhood greenways are being developed in Ballard, Beacon Hill, and Delridge. The department is planning more cycle tracks and neighborhood greenways across Seattle and, as a part of the Bicycle Master Plan update, will recommend cycle tracks on a network of city streets, including streets in downtown.
  • Waterfront Seattle These Central Waterfront projects open new public space for parks and paths, access to the water, places to enjoy views, and a new urban street for all modes of travel. In 2013, we will review alternative design options and look for ways to reduce costs.
  • Mercer Corridor West Phase - SDOT will begin work on the West Phase in March 2013, which will complete the two-way Mercer Street connection between I-5 and Elliott Avenue West.
  • Freight Planning Recognizing the significance of the freight community in helping sustain and stimulate Seattle's economic growth and long-term competitiveness, in 2013 SDOT will begin work on the Industrial Areas Freight Access Project and the Freight Master Plan.

Released in March 2012, the Transportation Action Agenda outlined policies, actions and performance measures for SDOT over a two-year period. Organized around the same five core principles, the progress report provides an update on SDOT's work to meet its Action Agenda commitments. Accomplishments from the past year include:

  • Keeping it Safe developed a Road Safety Action Plan and launched the Be Super Safe campaign; installed 25 pedestrian countdown signals; and distributed 58,350 Winter Weather Plan brochures and revised the plan for easier use.
  • Focusing on the Basics filled over 18,000 potholes; paved 21 lane-miles, including significant portions of North/Northwest 85th Street, Greenwood Avenue North and Northeast Ravenna Boulevard; and replaced street name signs at 1,584 intersections.
  • Building Healthy Communities constructed the first neighborhood greenways (residential streets prioritized for people who walk and ride bikes); built 157 curb ramps; and completed speed and reliability improvements on bus Route 44 from the University District to Ballard.
  • Supporting a Thriving Economy secured levy funding to rebuild the Elliott Bay Seawall; upgraded on-street parking signs to help drivers find parking faster and easier; and began seismic and system upgrades, and passenger waiting area restoration at King Street Station.
  • Providing Great Service built nine Neighborhood Street Fund projects; secured over $57 million in grant funding; and met Bridging the Gap funding package goals and outcomes.

You can read the full Progress Report and the entire Action Agenda online at:

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