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SUBJECT:   Mayor recognizes F5 Networks for growth, innovation, community involvement
12/10/2012  3:00:00 PM
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Mayor recognizes F5 Networks for growth, innovation, community involvement
In Good Company business recognition program

SEATTLE - Today Mayor Mike McGinn recognized Seattle-based F5 Networks for their growth, innovation, and commitment to the community, while embodying Seattle's pioneering spirit and reflecting Seattle at its best.

"In order for Seattle's economy to continue to grow, we need to nurture different types of businesses across a diverse array of industry sectors. F5 is an example of a growing technology company in the heart of our city whose name some of us may not recognize, but whose expertise we rely on daily," said Mayor Mike McGinn. "Inspiring young people in our community to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields not only creates a future pipeline for workers at F5, but benefits other companies and the city's growth overall."

A part of the Seattle Jobs Plan, the In Good Company program is an ongoing showcase of businesses that spotlights one locally-owned business every month for being unconventional, transformative, and exemplary. There are a lot of incredible businesses in Seattle, and if your business is recognized here, you know that you're in good company.

F5 Networks helps organizations meet the demands of relentless growth in applications, mobile workers, and data by developing hardware and software that provides seamless, secure, and accelerated access to applications—from any device; any location. The world's largest business and consumer sites rely on F5 to ensure people can access and stay connected to their applications, whether they are doing online banking, sending a text message, buying airline tickets, or accessing Microsoft Exchange.

"In your daily life, whether you're using social networking, trading stocks, or watching a streaming video off the web, you're likely benefiting from F5 solutions and don't even know it," said Dan Matte, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at F5. "We're behind the scenes in a lot of cases, making things run better and more securely for customers and companies around the world."

Often recognized as a "best company to work for" in Seattle, in 2012, F5 Networks was listed as one of Fortune Magazine's 100 Fastest Growing Companies. The company is actively hiring new employees, adding an average of about 125 new employees globally every quarter.

Currently, F5 employs over 3,000 people worldwide, nearly 40 percent of which are in Washington State, most of which are located in Seattle. Employees' compensation and benefits programs are above the market, helping drive employee satisfaction above local and national averages.

"I firmly believe that being based in Seattle has shaped the approach that we've taken over the years," said Matte. "It's made us think a little bit differently about the problems we're trying to solve." F5's products are based on an innovative, unified architecture so customers can address many technology needs using a single platform or device. Their unified platform and integrated solutions deliver significant savings to customers, enabling them to consolidate and greatly simplify their IT infrastructures. Since it was introduced in 2003, F5's technical user community, DevCentral, has set the standard for industry-wide collaboration and community, and now boasts over 110,000 users.

F5 also believes in being socially responsible. F5's charitable giving program, F5 Connects, empowers employees to volunteer and raise funds for their charitable organizations they're passionate about. The company recently announced a one-to-one gift matching program for individual charitable contributions, up to $250 per quarter, per employee.

The company is also actively involved with a number of organizations within the community, one of which is FIRST Robotics. Many of their employees join teams to help students develop their robots for competition. "What we've seen over time is that the kids who are involved with this program tend to stick with and excel at science, technology, engineering, and math programs," said Matte.

"F5 exemplifies ingenuity and innovation coupled with a commitment to their employees and the community," said Maud Daudon, president & CEO of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. "A company of their caliber could be located anywhere in the world. We are fortunate to have them in Seattle and to have this opportunity to recognize their incredible growth and community involvement."
Businesses recognized in the In Good Company program receive several meaningful prizes to help their business grow and celebrate their employees, including a mayor proclamation; a high-quality video profile featured on the Seattle Channel; a one-year membership or an upgraded tier of membership at the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber; and a special gift basket for employees containing food, drinks and prizes from some of Seattle's most beloved local companies.

The highlighted businesses are chosen by the City of Seattle's Office of Economic Development and the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce by a committee of staff members who meet quarterly to select businesses to recognize. Individuals and businesses may also suggest recommendations via the Office of Economic Development.

For nomination criteria and more information, please visit the In Good Company website page.

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