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SUBJECT:   Mayor, SPD to discuss precinct-level practices resulting from Initiative 14 of SPD 20/20: Data-Driven Approach to Deployment
9/27/2012  11:00:00 AM

Mayor, SPD to discuss precinct-level practices resulting from
Initiative 14 of SPD 20/20: Data-Driven Approach to Deployment

SEATTLE - Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn updated the public today on the implementation of Initiative #14 of SPD 20/20: A Vision for the Future. Initiative #14 aims to make our communities safer through the use of data-driven policing, which was implemented as a department policy city-wide on September 9th.

"We are moving forward on making Seattle safer through SPD 20/20" said Mayor McGinn. "SPD is using crime data to make sure our officers are in the right place at the right time, which helps people feel safer in high-crime areas and can even help prevent some crimes before they happen."

Representatives of all five precincts spoke today about how they are using data-driven strategies to address the unique needs of each precinct. Captain Jim Dermody spoke about his "directed patrol" approach, which directs officers to use their proactive time between calls to patrol in hot spot areas while remaining near their vehicles in case an emergency response is needed. Captain Ron Wilson of the East Precinct showed maps of the areas they have identified as hot spots and talked about past successes in focusing on areas known to be hot spots.

"Data-driven policing is the future across the nation" said Police Chief John Diaz. "We researched national best practices on data-driven policing and are now using crime data to deploy our resources where they are needed most. This approach allows us to be responsive to changing community needs and keep on top of emerging trends."

McGinn also outlined investments supporting data-driven policing in his 2013-2014 Proposed Budget. The Proposed Budget funds an IT professional to develop and support data applications, as well as funding for a consultant to build data sets for the development of data driven policing policies. The Proposed Budget also adds funding for a policy advisor specializing in criminology and data analysis to provide analytical and technical expertise and leadership to the data driven policing programs.

"These investments are crucial to keep our work on data-driven policing moving forward" said Assistant Chief Mike Sanford, head of the SPD 20/20 team. "Our work on data-driven policing through SPD 20/20 is making SPD more agile, responsive and efficient in deploying our officers. With new investments in technology, we can become a national leader in this approach to policing."

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