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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: Mayor Murray applauds vote on Metro transit funding in Seattle

7/17/2014  4:15:00 PM
Megan Erb  (206) 233-8736

Mayor Murray applauds vote on Metro transit funding in Seattle

SEATTLE (July 17, 2014) – Seattle Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement in response to the Seattle Transportation Benefit District Board's vote to place a proposal to fund Metro Transit service in Seattle on the November 4 ballot:

"I was very disappointed with the failure of King County's Proposition 1 in April, especially because of the overwhelming – two-thirds – support from Seattle residents. It's clear that Seattle voters value transit service as a way of life, and for many it is a life-line we cannot afford to cut. Preserving transit service is the most progressive act we can take, but we must ensure our low-income residents are not overly-burdened by the increased taxes. The proposal includes a low-income vehicle fee rebate and increased access to King County's planned low-income fare.

"I want to thank the Boardmembers for sending the proposal to preserve Metro Transit service in Seattle to the ballot. I especially want to thank Board Chair Tom Rasmussen for his leadership in moving this through the Transportation Benefit District.

"My colleagues on the Council and I are committed to a long-term, regional funding solution for transit. While this measure will help preserve service in the short-term, I am also committed to working with the King County Executive, coalition partners and our legislative leaders toward achieving a balanced comprehensive statewide package as quickly as we can."

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