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City of Seattle
Ed Murray, Mayor

SUBJECT: City asking consultants to work directly with local ethnic media outlets

6/26/2013  3:30:00 PM
Robert Cruickshank (206) 849-9584
Joaquin Uy  (206) 684-0155

City asking consultants to work directly with local ethnic media outletsConsultant contracting process to request ethnic media plan as part of strategy for community outreach and City communications

Mayor Mike McGinn announced today a new approach to increase inclusive outreach by strengthening collaboration between City consultants and ethnic media outlets. Consultants seeking to contract with the City on projects that include a community outreach component will be required to submit an ethnic media strategy as part of the request for proposals/qualifications (RFP/RFQ) process.

"As Seattle is home to the one of the most diverse ZIP codes in the country, the City has long recognized the importance of ethnic media in our efforts to be inclusive in our outreach and engagement to all residents," said McGinn. "We expect our contracted consultants to share and support our values. This new requirement will ensure they identify and follow through on a strategy to utilize ethnic media for community outreach and communications on City projects."

Consultants submitting responses to City-issued RFPs and RFQs must now identify a strategy, including needs and benefits, for using local ethnic media sources, whenever the contract may benefit from such inclusion. This will be an important part of the review and selection of consultants for city projects that benefit the greatest from such outreach.

Competitive RFP and RFQ submissions will illustrate the consultant's capacity, expertise and understanding of using ethnic media in community outreach and communications strategies. The consultant will be expected to identify target audiences and appropriate ethnic media outlets for reaching those audiences, set goals with measurable outcomes, and anticipate needs for translation and/or interpretation of information.

"The media is an important partner for the City to reach all audiences, but it can often be the only way to reach immigrants and refugees, especially those who speak other languages and prefer familiar news sources from within their communities," said Leno Rose-Avila, Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Director. "I applaud this effort to strengthen the City's relationship with local ethnic media outlets."

The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, created in 2012 to recognize the need for a strong relationship between the City and the immigrant and refugee communities which it serves, is a resource for connecting with local ethnic media.

This new approach further supports the City's inclusive outreach and engagement efforts driven by the City's long-standing Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI). A citywide effort to end institutionalized racism and race-based disparities in City government, RSJI builds on the work of the Civil Rights Movement and the ongoing efforts of individuals and groups in Seattle to confront racism. The initiative's long term goal is to change the underlying system that creates race-based disparities in our community and to achieve racial equity.

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