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CityStream: City History and Trail to Treasure

West Seattle Cup 2014 Highlights

Mayor proposes $500,000 in neighborhood projects

Green Lake neighbors use the Neighborhood Matching Fund to create traffic calming artwork

FEMA Grant Announcement for Emergency Preparedness Hubs

Urban Agriculture Discussion on Seattle Channel's Civic Cocktail Program

Neighborhood Matching Fund

Peoples Academy for Community Engagement (PACE) Graduation Ceremony 10/25/2012

Neighborhood Matching Fund 6/14/2012
The Seattle Channel recently featured the Department of Neighborhoods Neighborhood Matching Fund in this informative video.

Seattle handing out $1M in community-building grants 4/20/2012

CityStream: City History and Trail to Treasure 9/23/2011
On an all new CityStream, find out what City leaders and passionate advocates are doing to preserve our past. Plus, it's a problem plaguing Seattle streets-feral cat populations out of control. How one group is working to help the animals. Then, history meets high tech. How logging on can help you learn a lesson with HistoryLink. And we`ll tell you about a new program that lets you walk back through time in Historic Pioneer Square. Join host Nicole Sanchez for these stories and more.

Live from City Hall - Special Meeting 8/1/2011
Department of Neighborhood, Large Projects Fund Awards Reception. Featured video above.

CityStream South Park Special 3/17/2011
On this special CityStream, we celebrate South Park! Learn about the many different businesses in the area; from wineries to restaurants to industry. With the bridge out, many people ask: “How do you get to South Park?” It`s easy to access, but see how some residents are getting creative when it comes to their commutes. Then learn how one man isn`t waiting for the government to step in and clean up the Duwamish River. Find out about more fun events from the South Park neighborhood with host Penny LeGate in this special South Park CityStream.

City Inside/Out: Dept. of Neighborhoods 3/4/2011
The Department of Neighborhoods is often the main link that residents have with City Hall but in recent times, there have been growing concerns about its future. Recently, Mayor Mike McGinn cut the department`s budget drastically and decided not to re-appoint its director, Stella Chao. We talk with her as well as the department`s first director, Jim Diers, about its past, present and future. We also hear from City Neighborhood Council chair Chas Redmond and Downtown District Council chair Laine Ross. And we visit a small city-supported P-PATCH that is reaping big benefits for the community. Whether you live in a Seattle neighborhood, work at City Hall or both, you don`t want to miss this lively discussion on City Inside/Out!

City Inside/Out: Chinatown/I.D. Future 2/18/2011
In the next few months, many changes are planned for Seattle`s Chinatown/International District. On the table is a major rezoning proposal to quadruple building heights in some parts of the area. There are also plans for a new streetcar line, more parks and additional housing. How are residents and businesses reacting in the historic neighborhood? We visit the I.D. to find out. Don`t miss our studio discussion with city council member Sally Clark, Uwajimaya Vice-President Alan Kurimura and Maiko Winkler-Chin, executive director of the Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation & Development Authority (SCIDpda)!

CityStream Spashback: Sustainable West Seattle 1/27/11
Sustainability is more than just a trend in one neighborhood. Lowell Deo shows us how some West Seattle residents are making it possible for all their neighbors thanks to the organization Sustainable West Seattle.

CityStream Splash Back: Hiawatha Place 12/9/2010
Just a decade ago, an area off of Rainier Avenue South was lined with overgrown empty lots. Today it`s a vibrant urban pocket, formed out of collaboration with the City of Seattle and developers, and it`s now creating a community out of what was once empty space. Penny LeGate has more.

City Inside/Out: South Lake Union 5/14/2010
South Lake Union is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Seattle. What 10 years ago was just a low-rise warehouse district is now a hotbed of development, with companies like Amazon and institutions like the UW moving in. The lead player of course is Paul Allen, whose Vulcan development company holds more land in the area than anyone else. Today we take a look at the history of the neighborhood and how it`s adapting to the changes, all around it. Studio guests include Seattle City Council member Sally Clark; Vulcan Senior Director of Corporate Communications Lyn Tangen; Cascade Neighborhood Council President Lloyd Douglas; and South Lake Union business owner Dan Munro.

CityStream Splash Back: Central Area Clean Up 4/22/2010
Around Earth Day, you can always find lots of volunteer opportunities to head outside and spruce up the environment. But folks in one Seattle neighborhood don`t wait for Earth Day, they get together regularly to spiff up their neighborhood. And as Lowell Deo says, the reason is more than cosmetic.

City Inside/Out: The Future of Pioneer Square 3/5/2010
As local icon Elliott Bay Books prepares to move to Capitol Hill, we explore the future of the neighborhood it will be leaving behind, Pioneer Square. The City has tried several different approaches over the years, but Seattle`s most historic neighborhood continues to be challenged by vacant storefronts and stalled developments. Often it seems that it more of a place for tourists than locals. On this edition of City Inside/Out we explore the history of Pioneer Square and what can be done to make it a more vibrant part of Seattle. Joining us in the studio are Anne Fennessy, Pioneer Square business owner and resident, Kevin Daniels, President of Nitze-Stagen, Leslie Smith, interim director of the Pioneer Square Community Association and Nancy Yamamoto of the city`s Office of Economic Development who is leading the effort.

CityStream Splash Back: P-PATCHes 6/4/2009
P-PATCHes are sprouting up all over the city. CityStream producer Adam Bale checks out this Seattle community gardening phenomenon.

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