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Mayor's Council on African American Elders

About Us

Our Mission
To promote a better quality of life for African American elders in Seattle by advocating for accessible,
culturally appropriate, comprehensive services with a focus on the isolated, frail, and low-income.

We achieve our mission by advising the Mayor and other government leaders and policymakers, advocating for changes in policies, practices and programs, educating the public, and encouraging and sponsoring research to address unmet needs and gaps in services.

Our Purpose & Role
Our purpose and interests lie in advocating for improving the quality of life for African Americans who are 55 years of age and older, and reside in the Seattle and/or King County area. Our role is to advise, educate, advocate, and facilitate service delivery.

What makes us unique?
  • We are an intermediary between the government and the community.
  • We are a Council of up to 12 members that advises City officials on policies, programs and services of benefit to older African Americans.
  • Council members reside in Seattle or in King County.
  • Each member is appointed by the Mayor to serve renewable two-year terms.
  • We periodically conduct public forums to solicit public comment, inform, and provide formal and informal comments and recommendations to the Mayor.

Our Qualifications
Council members reflect a broad range of professional and community experience and perspectives and seek to maintain the diversity and strength of the Council. More specifically, the Mayor seeks candidates who are active in Seattle community affairs and have skills and experience in health care, research, fund development and public relations, and who have contacts in African American churches.

Our Commitment
Participation on the Council requires a significant commitment. It includes attendance at monthly meetings and participation on at least one sub-committee. Council members also attend and participate in relevant public meetings and events. Council members are willing to serve without compensation.

Recruitment Information
To be considered for appointment to the Council, please send a letter of interest and resume addressed to c/o:

Rowena Rye, MCAAE Liaison
Aging and Disability Services
Seattle Human Services Department
P.O. Box 34215
Seattle, Washington  98124-4215

The McGinn Administration is committed to promoting diversity in the City's boards and commissions. Women, persons with disabilities, sexual minorities and persons of color are encouraged to apply.

For more information, please contact Rowena Rye, 206-684-0248,