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mapping services: map reprints
Reprint Fee $25.00
Materials Cost dependent upon size of map
Map Revisions $87.00 per hour
(labor rate, subject to change)

Printed reproductions of some GIS map products may be generated upon request. Reprint maps are exact duplicates of recently created custom maps or maps for which the computer code that creates them may be re-run without revisions.

A map is not considered a 'reprint' if changes to the size, scale, color or content are required. Any revisions to an existing map will require a GIS programmer to work with the computer code that generates it in order to re-output the graphics file that is used for printing.

Typically a map may be reprinted without additional labor charges if:

  1. A recent graphics file exists within the GIS
  2. No changes or updates have been made to the underlying data sets
  3. The map graphics file can be generated without revisions to the computer code that generates it

The GIS Products and Services Unit tries to anticipate what maps are likely to be requested as 'reprints'. Maps depicting geographic areas or issues of interest in the community, as well as high-profile or interdepartmental City projects are typically mapped and stored in a way that can be easily accessed for reprint purposes.

Several examples of recently reprinted maps appear on this page.

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