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What sort of maps are available?
The Products and Services Team has made great strides in developing a diverse product line. We have the ability to produce a map with a limited number of themes at a set pagesize which you can receive shortly after you stop at our office. Also available on-hand is a set of standard maps of selected themes. These standard maps are at pre-determined scales and map extents and thus are not changeable. On the other end of the spectrum are the custom maps which are tailored to your needs and specifications and may require some sort of geographic analysis.

Can I look at sample maps before ordering?
Yes, our office in on the 48th floor in the Key Tower.

Who do I contact for information about services?
The number for general product information is 386-9138. If you have specific questions about your product, call Albert Gonzales at 684-7887 or send him
email at:

How much will this information cost me?
Pricing for services ranges from $15.50 for a standard map, $22 for an Express map, to the current labor rate of $87/hr (subject to change) + materials for other mapping, analysis and data provision services.

How soon will I receive my order?
Both Express Mapping and Standard Maps are generally available for pick-up the same day of ordering. Other types of mapping requests have a turnaround time of 7 working days. Data provision requests are filled within 10 working days. (NB: All turnaround times are affected by the current workload but most of the time we can fill requests as stated.)