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mapping services: express mapping service
What is Express Mapping Service?

Express Mapping Service takes advantage of the City's sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS) to quickly produce simple, pre-designed maps at the 11"x17" size. Using a set of specialized mapping tools that automates the otherwise time-consuming process of translating geographic data into map form, SPU GIS analysts can quickly create a color map showing your area and theme(s) of interest.

Express Mapping Service is offered to City staff and the public as an inexpensive alternative to Custom Mapping Service which results in a made-to-order map customized to meet your specific size, scale and content requirements.

How Long Does It Take?

If a GIS Analyst is available to work on your order immediately, the map will be ready in approximately 30 minutes from the time your order is placed. If other orders are ahead of yours, or a GIS Analyst is not available to produce your map immediately, you may be asked to return at a later time the same day to pick up your finished map. With prepayment, your map(s) can be mailed to you.

Available Basic Themes
  1. Property Base Map
    [legal and parcel layers]
  2. Topography with Property Boundaries
    [topo with parcels and spot elevations]
  3. Utility Infrastructure and Topography
    [sewer, drainage, water, parcels, buildings*, topo]
  4. Vicinity Map with Addresses
    [parcel, pave edge, buildings*, site addresses]
  5. Sewer/Drainage & Water Distribution System
    [parcel, sewer/drainage and water infrastructure]
  6. 1999 Color Orthophoto
    [can be plotted in B/W; choose 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 scale]
  7. Street Network with Buildings*
    [choose 200, 250, 400, 600, 800 or 1000 scale]
  8. SEPA Review Areas within Seattle City Limits
    [parcel and dimensions, topo, pave edge]
  9. City of Seattle Zoning
* Note: Building data displayed is the roof outline, NOT the footprint, and was derived from aerial photography flown in March 1993.
Express Map Area Coverage per Available Scale
[A table showing how much area will be coverered on your map]
What Does It Cost?
$22.00 + tax for all Express Maps

Express Mapping Services are available through the SPU GIS Map Counter, located in Key Tower, 47th floor. For more information, call 206-684-0965.