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The City's GIS data and tools are an important resource for engineers, land planners, architects, utility designers and others who consult or provide technical services to City departments. The GIS group fields hundreds of requests from City staff and the public who are looking for geographic maps and data in a variety of digital formats to support their work.

In the interest of ensuring currency and consistency, direct all GIS data requests to the SPU/IT Storefront. You may do this by contacting Albert Gonzales with the Storefront's GIS Products and Services team. Albert will work with you to put together a package of geographic data to support your project needs.

Before you call to request data, please ensure that you have followed the steps listed here. The normal turnaround time for most data requests is 10 working days from the time the written request is received and confirmed.

  1. Decide which data set(s) will meet your needs.
    Be prepared to provide a list of the layer names with your written request. See our List of Available Data. (A few of the layers are not available in digital format.)
  2. Determine the exact geographic area of interest.
    Translate the area into the corresponding tile number(s), PLS quartersection number(s), or provide the four street names which bound your area of interest.
  3. Decide which of the available formats you would like to
    receive the data in.

    Choose from: ArcInfo coverage, export, or shapefile or DXF formats. Determine your requirements for additional data storage.
  4. Specify the appropriate magnetic media.
    We recommend compact disc. Be certain to identify the transfer devices that will be used to download the data, including any compression restrictions or specifications, if applicable.
  5. Provide a brief description of the intended use of the data.
Contractual Arrangements

Please prepare a written request, which addresses the five pieces of information above. A map or graphic depicting the geographic area may be included. The request may be sent via mail, fax 684-8914 or email

The request should include your company name and address (if applicable) as well as the name, title, phone and fax numbers of the person who will be responsible for signing the Data Provision Service Agreement (see below).

You will be asked to sign a Data Provision Service Agreement that discusses terms and limitations regarding commercial use of the City's proprietary data. City consultants are typically licensed to use City data sets on a project-specific basis only. Other licensing packages can be arranged upon request.

If you have any questions concerning available data or data licensing packages, please contact Albert Gonzales or you may speak with a GIS Analyst on-site during our regular Customer Service Hours.

Customer Service Hours
Monday  9:00am - 11:30am
Wednesday  2:00pm - 4:00pm
Friday  9:00am - 11:30am