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Geotechnical (Soils) Reports

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What Is It?

Geotechnical (soils) reports for your site are prepared by licensed professional engineers with experience in geotechnical engineering. These reports may include:

  • Information about the surface and subsurface character of your site
  • Design recommendations for your project's foundation, retaining walls, drainage, slope stability, seismic design, and shoring elements (supports to prevent damage to neighboring property)
  • Recommendations for sequencing, erosion control, and other measures to safely construct your project

Find Your Geotechnical Reports

  1. Type your project address into the search bar of our interactive map and click the green magnifying glass icon to search
  2. Click on “See details about this address” below the search bar on the results page
  3. Click on the “Documents” tab about half way down the page
  4. Find the soils report by clicking on the “construction: soils” documents; you may need to click on several until you find the right report


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