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Resolve a Permit Disagreement

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What Is It?

Our process for resolving a dispute about our permit process and about policy or technical code issues will help reduce delays in issuing your permit. We emphasize a quick resolution when you disagree with how we are applying the code to your project, or how we are administering your project.

Resolve Seattle DCI Permit Disagreement

You should follow the steps below if you disagree with how our staff is solving a process problem or how a policy or technical issue affects your project.

Step 1: Contact a Supervisor

Use the list below to find the appropriate supervisor to help resolve your dispute. We prefer email and our responses are quicker than if you leave us a phone message.

The supervisor will respond within 24 hours. The supervisor will talk with you about your disagreement, review the issue with you and the assigned staff, and then provide a verbal answer. We try to provide an answer within a day after we respond to your initial request for help.

Construction Permit Supervisors
Construction Application Appointments & Permit Processing
Amy Donlan (206) 733-9822
Sajada McCoy (206) 615-0866
Becky Scheffer (206) 727-8526
Marcus Davis (206) 684-0173
Scheduling Construction Pre-Submittal Conference Appointments
Cindy Hoover (206) 233-2554
Zoning Review Production & Zoning Technical Decision-Making
Darlene Edwards (206) 684-5606
Cheryl Mosteller (206) 684-5048
Site Development (Drainage, Erosion Control, Side Sewers)
Ede Courtenay (206) 733-7860
Geotechnical Review
Susan Chang (206) 386-9785
Energy / Mechanical
Shailesh Desai (206) 233-7860
Ordinance / Structural Review
Mahvash Nassiri (206) 615-0728
Jamie Anderson (206) 615-0715
Kaveh Aminian (206) 233-7858
Cindy Hoover (206) 233-2554
Rick Pellinger (206) 615-0591
Building Code Technical Decision-Making
Ardel Jala (206) 684-0573
Structural Engineering Technical Decision-Making
Cheryl Burwell (206) 684-8416
Master Use Permit Supervisors
MUP Application Appointments & Permit Processing
Sue Putnam (206) 684-8275
Scheduling Land Use Pre-Submittal Conference Appointments
Jerry Suder (206) 386-4069
Short Plats & Lot Boundary Adjustments
Scott Ringgold (206) 233-5132
SEPA, Variances, Conditional Uses, Full Subdivisions & Rezones
Jerry Suder (206) 386-4069
Design Review
Lisa Rutzick (206) 386-9049
Zoning Review Production & Technical Decision-Making
Darlene Edwards (206) 684-5606
Cheryl Mosteller (206) 684-5048

Step 2: Contact a Manager

If you still disagree with our decision, you can request a review of the issue by writing to the appropriate manager. Please email the manager, or send your request to

Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
700 5th Ave., Suite 2000
P.O. Box 34019
Seattle, WA 98124-4019

Manager Contacts
Land Use Reviews on Master Use & Building Permits
Stephanie Haines, Manager(206) 684-5014
Zoning Reviews on Master Use, Building, & Platting Permits
Darlene Edwards, Manager(206) 684-5606
Building Code, Ordinance / Structural, Energy, Drainage, & Geotechnical Reviews
Andy Lunde, Manager (Energy and O/S)(206) 733-9267
Steve Burns, Manager (Drainage and O/S)(206) 684-7736
Dave Hudacek, Manager (Geotechnical and O/S)(206) 615-1740
Construction Inspections
Dave Cordaro, Manager(206) 684-7933
Construction Technical & Policy Code Issues
Jon Siu, Principal Engineer(206) 233-5163
Land Use Technical & Policy Code Issues
Cliff Portman, Principal Planner(206) 694-5593

Step 3: Contact the Director

If you are still not satisfied after talking to the supervisor and the manager, please contact:

Roberta Baker, Land Use Director
(206) 684-8195

Andy Higgins, Engineering Services Director
(206) 615-0568

Resolve an Interdepartmental Permit Disagreement

Use the steps below to resolve a permit disagreement if multiple City regulations conflict for your project, or if one City department disagrees how to apply a development regulation.

Step 1: Contact the Staff

The first step to resolving a interdepartmental disagreement is to contact the staff assigned to your project. Send an email to all staff and supervisors explaining the disagreement and ask that the City department staff discuss the conflict. You can also request a meeting with staff and supervisors to talk about the problem in person. After reviewing the circumstance of your disagreement, the supervisor will provide an answer. You will usually hear from the supervisor within 3 to 5 business days.

Step 2: Contact the Manager

If your permit dispute is not resolved at the staff and supervisor level, you may request a review of the conflict by writing to the appropriate City managers. You should contact all management involved in your disagreement at the same time because conflicts that involve more than one department are often complicated by competing City policies or priorities. For best result, send your request by email and include:

  • The development site address
  • City permit numbers for any work that is disputed
  • Names of City staff you've been working with to resolve the conflict
  • Any unique circumstances you believe should influence the decision outcome
  • Specific regulations, with code citations, that are in dispute

City management will discuss the problem with you and then decide who will be the lead contact for your dispute. You will get a written response by the lead City manager, usually within 2 weeks of your request. If we need additional time for research, the lead manager will let you know within a week of your request.

City Management Contacts
Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
Roberta Baker, Land Use Director
Land Use Code, Master Use Permits, or Building Permits
(206) 684-8195
Andy Higgins, Engineering Services Director
Building Permit Ordinance / Structural, Energy, Drainage, Side Sewer, and Geotechnical Reviews
(206) 615-0568
Dave Cordaro, Chief Building Inspector
Construction Inspections
(206) 684-7933
Seattle Public Utilities
Hari Ponnekanti, Plan Review Manager
Code-Required Main Extensions for Sewer, Water & Drainage System Capacity or Point of Discharge for Side Sewer
(206) 684-5919
Seattle City Light
Ben Rushwald, Electrical Service Engineering Manager (206) 733-9830
Seattle Department of Transportation
Liz Sheldon, Operations Manager
Street Improvement Permits & Construction Inspection:
(206) 684-7945
Angela Steel, Right-of-Way Management Manager
Street Use and Utility Permitting and Review
(206) 684-5967
John Marek, Acting Manager, Transportation Operations Engineering and Design
Traffic Management Systems and Operations
(206) 684-5069
Mike Estey, Parking Program Manager
Parking and Curb Space Management:
(206) 684-8132

Step 3: Contact the Directors

If you still disagree with our decision, please contact our department directors.

City Department Directors
Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
Nathan Torgelson, Department Director (206) 684-0343
Seattle Department of Transportation
Liz Sheldon, Interim Street Use Division Director (206) 684-7945
Scott Kubly, Department Director (206) 684-5000
Seattle Public Utilities
Henry Chen, Engineering and Technical Services Director (206) 615-0563
Vladimir Khazak, Project Delivery Branch Director (206) 684-7935
Ray Hoffman, Utilities Director (206) 684-5852
Seattle City Light
Kelly Enright, Customer Care Director (206) 684-3111
Jim Baggs, Interim General Manager and CEO (206) 684-3200


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