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Re-Roof Permit

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What is it?

You need a re-roof permit when you are repairing an area greater than 500 square feet or replacing roofing materials on commercial and multifamily projects. A re-roofing permit is not required for one- and two-family homes and townhouses. You need a re-roofing permit if you are replacing the roof cover, sheathing, or insulation. You are required to get this permit so we can verify that your project complies with the energy code requirements. You need to add insulation to meet current energy code standards when the existing roof sheathing or insulation is exposed or the existing roof cavities are not insulated. You can also apply for a re-roofing permit online, through your Project Portal.

How Much Does it Cost?

We charge a flat fee for re-roof permits. It costs half of our base fee ($105.00) plus the state surcharge ($4.50) for a total permit fee of $109.50.

How Long Does it Take?

We usually issue this over-the-counter permit on the same day in our Applicant Service Center. Our review time should be minimal for your permit as long as you have completed the preliminary application and contractor disclosure forms.

You can also apply online through your Project Portal. This method may ask you to submit a site plan and additional forms because it is based on our plan review process. We will need a few more days to process your permit as it will go through a couple stages of review.


1. Start Permit Application

Complete the Preliminary Application Form. You will need the job site address, project description, owner and applicant contact information, etc.

Complete the Contractor Disclosure Form. To complete this form you will need the contractor information and owner information.

2. Submit Application

Apply in person. You can apply in person Applicant Service Center. You don’t need an appointment, but you will most likely wait to see a Permit Specialist. You need to be prepared to pay for your permit before we issue it.

Apply online. You can also submit your application through the Seattle DCI Project Portal.

3. Complete Project

Close your permit. An on-site inspection is not required for a re-roof permit. To close and final your permit, fill out the “Affidavit-Roof Replacement” and email the completed document to Al.Lunde@seattle.gov or Jeff.Krieg@seattle.gov.

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