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Phased Permit

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What Is It?

A phased permit allows you to submit your construction plans for a new building in multiple pieces. For example, you can submit plans for the foundation before you submit plans for the rest of the building. Your project may qualify for a phased permit if:

  • The building is new
  • The project is large or complex
  • The construction value is greater than $5,000,000

Phased permits are not used to separate out shoring and excavation work. You can get a separate permit for shoring and excavation by submitting a Preliminary Application form with a site plan to get a separate permit number for the shoring and excavation work. Make sure you apply for your shoring and excavation permit before you apply for your building permit. Fees for your shoring and excavation permit will be based on the construction value of the work.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fees are based on the value of your project. You pay approximately 75 percent of your fee when you submit plans for your first phase. If your project includes shoring near a right-of-way, you will need to pay an additional $2,500 at your intake appointment for Seattle Department of Transportation review. We will also charge hourly fees for certain reviews, such as drainage and geotechnical; see our Fee Subtitle for details. You will pay all remaining fees when you pick up your last phase permit.

How Long Does It Take?

Each phase follows the same review timeline. We try to finish our initial review in 8 weeks. How long it takes to get your permit depends on how complex your project is, how many corrections you need to make, and the completeness of your correction responses. We recommend planning for 4 weeks per correction cycle, with an average of 2 correction cycles. After all of our reviews are complete and approved, allow an additional 6 business days for final review and preparation.

Steps to Get Your Permit


1. Start Permit Application

Get a project number. Get a project number by starting your application online or by submitting a Preliminary Application form. You will need to include a preliminary site plan with the form.

Request a pre-application site visit. You will also need to submit a Pre-Application Site Visit form if you did not already submit one with your Master Use Permit.

2. Request a Phased Permit

Submit the request form. Once you have your construction permit number, submit a Phased Permit Request Form to the Applicant Services Center. You can email, mail, fax, or drop off the form in person. We will collect a processing fee later.

Include the following information on the form:

  • Justification why the project should be phased
  • Any special considerations
  • Project numbers for other projects already submitted or in progress
  • Description of the project
  • Proposed scope of each phase
  • Proposed schedule for the submittal of each phase
  • Proposed schedule for the permit issuance date anticipated for each phase
  • A completed Fee Estimate worksheet for each building

Get phased permit approval. Once we approve your request, we will assign an application facilitator to your project. The application facilitator will guide you through the process.

3. Submit Permit Application

Follow the new building construction permit process. The construction permit process for a Phased Permit is the same as the process for a Construction Permit – New Building, Multifamily, Commercial, Mixed Use, or Industrial, except you will schedule intake appointments directly with your application facilitator.

Submit your plans. Your plans for each phase should show all the work that you are proposing as part of that phase. You also need to include future work to help describe the entire project. All sheets that show future work should be clearly labeled as “Reference Only.”


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