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Master Use Permit (MUP) Revisions

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What Is It?

A revision to a land use / master use permit (MUP) allows you to submit plan changes to an issued permit. There are two types of revisions: minor and major.

A minor MUP revision, involves the following: 

  • It does not require you to get any new approvals (refer to Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) 23.76.004)
  • It is consistent with codes applicable to the original MUP or meets current code
  • It does not require public notice of the revision or a new written DPD Director’s decision

If we determine that your proposed changes can be approved as a minor revision, we will issue an update to your original permit.

A major revision requires a separate permit and it: 

  • Requires new decisions from DPD
  • Involves modifying the land use conditions on the original MUP
  • May also use early design guidance from the original MUP (if applicable)
  • Requires public notice of the proposed revision
  • Requires a written appeal to the DPD Director’s decision
  • May be consistent with codes

Rules to Follow

  • You can submit revisions as long as the permit has not expired or been finalized.
  • Shoreline permits must follow different rules in shoreline zones, which are governed by the Shoreline Management Act (RCW 90.58), the City’s Shoreline Master Program (SMC 23.60), and the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). The state’s rules relevant to shoreline permit and enforcement procedures are found in WAC 173-27.
  • If you are trying to revise a shoreline permit, you'll have to follow the same submittal procedures outlined in Tip 224B for a minor revision. If your proposed changes are not within the original scope and intent of the original permit as defined in WAC 173-27-100, you will need to apply for a new permit.

How Much Does It Cost?

You need to pay our hourly fee when you submit your revisions. You pay any additional hourly review fees when you pick up your permit.

How Long Does It Take?

How long it takes to get the final permit depends on how complex your project is and how many corrections, if any, you need to make.  However, we do try to finish the initial review within two weeks. 

Steps to Get a Revision

1. Research

Determine if the revision is a major or minor revision.

2. Apply

  1. Complete the application forms, including a preliminary application if you need a major revision
  1. Provide a summary letter explaining the changes, including supporting documentation for the revision
  2. Submit 2 sets (minor revision) or 4 sets (major revision) of the revised plan sheets only, minimum size 18 by 18 inches
  3. Highlight or cloud the changes on the revised sheets 
  4. Apply online at the DPD Project Portal, or call (206) 684-8850 to schedule an intake appointment
  5. If applying in person, complete the post-permit submittal forms and bring your application materials to the Applicant Services Center

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