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Building Permit Revisions

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What Is It?

A building permit revision allows you to submit plan changes to an issued construction, demolition, mechanical, or site work permit. There are two types of revisions: major and minor.

A major revision requires you to reapply for a new permit. Examples of major revisions:

  • Substantial changes in the scale of the structure
  • Substantial changes in the structural design, such as changing from wood form to reinforced concrete
  • Change in the type of construction
  • Changes in occupancy that require extensive changes to the construction and life safety design of the structure
  • Moving the structure on the site, resulting in a totally new layout
  • A totally new design

Revisions that don’t meet the criteria above are considered minor. You can receive approval for minor revisions with a post-permit submittal.

Rules to Follow

You can submit revisions as long as the permit has not expired or been finaled.

How Much Does It Cost?

You must pay for one hour of review time when you submit your revision. You pay any additional hourly review fees when you pick up your permit.

How Long Does it Take?

We try to finish the initial review within two weeks.

How long it takes to get the final permit depends on how complex your project is and how many corrections, if any, you need to make.

Steps to Get a Revision

1. Research

Determine if the revision is major or minor.

2. Apply

Major revisions. Follow the steps outlined for your permit type to reapply.

Minor Revisions. Follow the steps below.  Note: We do not require printed forms and plans if you are submitting online.

  1. Complete the required forms, including a new Statement of Finanical Reponsibility if the property owner or financially responsible party has changed since the permit was issued 
  1. Prepare a summary letter explaining the changes, including supporting documentation
  2. Print two sets of the revised plan sheets only, minimum size 18” x 18”
  3. Highlight or cloud the changes on the revised sheets
  4. Print one set of revised structural calculations, if applicable
  5. Apply online at the DPD Project Portal, or bring your plans and forms to the Applicant Services Center (you do not need an appointment) to apply in person

What Do You Want To Do?

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