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Priority Green Expedited

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What Is It?

Our Priority Green Expedited program shortens the time it takes you to get a new construction permit.

We give you:

  • A single point of contact
  • Priority in scheduling your intake appointment
  • Faster initial review of your plans
  • Faster routing of your plans
  • Faster processing of your permit

Helpful Information

You should:

  • Use an integrated design process to identify opportunities and avoid project pitfalls. You should engage all key project team members for the purpose of making cost-effective and environmentally-effective integrated decisions throughout the design and construction process.
  • Apply for Seattle City Light incentives today.
  • Use our Electronic Plan Review to process your application online.


Your project must enroll or register with one of the following organizations and certification levels:

  • Built Green 4-Star, 5-Star, or Emerald Star
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold or platinum
  • DPD Alternative Path (for small residential only)


  • Achieve our Priority Green requirements for energy and water conservation, waste reduction, stormwater management, and indoor air quality:
    • At least 15 percent better than the 2012 Seattle Energy Code for non-residential and large-residential compared to the commercial provisions of the Seattle Energy Code, or at least 20 percent better than the 2012 Seattle Energy Code for residential projects
    • WaterSense plumbing fixtures
    • Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Requirement Calculator showing 100 percent GSI or all flat surfaces outside of the building footprint as permeable pavement, or provide a waiver from geotechnical engineer
    • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) interior paints, adhesives, caulk, floor finishes, and sealant
    • No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) in interior spaces
    • Have 2,200 square feet or less of gross conditioned floor area per dwelling unit
    • Provide notes and/or details on your permit plan set to demonstrate Priority Green Requirements
    • If a Master Use Permit is required (not including Streamlined Design Review), your application must be submitted at least 6 weeks before construction intake, or anticipated construction intake, to allow initial review of land use application prior to construction review

Built Green or LEED for Homes Verification: For small residential projects, you must hire an approved Built Green or LEED for Homes verifier to help you develop your green building strategies and to complete a project checklist. The independent verifier will authenticate all the information on the checklists by conducting inspections and tests during construction, and submitting documentation to certify your project.

LEED Verification: For larger residential or commercial projects you will need to hire a LEED consultant and / or a consultant to perform energy modeling to help you develop your green building strategies and complete a project checklist. Once your construction is complete, the verifier or consultant must send us documentation confirming your project will be certified.

DPD Alternative Path Verification: DPD Alternative Path provides an option for applicants who choose not to seek a Built Green or LEED for Homes certification. These projects do not require an independent verifier, they are inspected by our Green Building staff. DPD Alternative Path is only available for residential projects subject to the Residential Provisions in the Seattle Energy Code. You can use the Passive House standards for energy use, if all your other project requirements meet Alternative Path prerequisites.

How Much Does It Cost?

We don't require additional permit fees if your project is eligible for Priority Green. Fees are based on the value of your project. Use our fee estimator to estimate how much your permit will cost. We will also charge hourly fees for certain reviews; see the Fee Subtitle for details.

How Long Does It Take?

The time it takes to get your permit depends on how complex your project is:

  • How many corrections you need to make to your plans
  • How quickly and completely you respond to plan review comments

The expedited process leads to faster routing and permit processing times. The single point of contact also greatly reduces permit times. Initial review of construction permits is also shortened.

On typical complex projects, we try to finish our initial review of construction permits in 8 weeks, but for Priority Green projects we shorten your review by:

Steps to Get Your Permit

In addition to the steps for your permit type (new construction - single family or duplex or new construction - multifamily or mixed-use), you need to complete the following steps.


1. Research

Find out if you're eligible.To confirm your project is eligible for Priority Green Expedited, and for questions, email us at

2. Start Permit Application

Submit Priority Green application materials. Send your application materials by email to at least 2 weeks before your intake appointment. We'll review your materials and notify you within 2 weeks to confirm your eligibility or to request further information. Below is a list of the application materials you will need.

  • Residential projects using Built Green: Enroll with Built Green and submit a letter from your Built Green verifier describing the services, floor area of dwelling units, and the certification level to be achieved. You also need to submit a preliminary checklist for Built Green (obtained from your verifier) specifying how the Priority Green requirements and certification level can be met.
  • Non-residential and residential projects using LEED new construction, LEED for Homes, and LEED for Homes Multifamily Midrise: You need to register your project with LEED. For LEED new construction, you need to submit a letter signed by the owner, architect of record, and LEED consultant indicating the intent to design, construct, and become certified at LEED gold or higher. In your letter you must include the read-only access code to LEED online to allow us to review your project. For LEED for Homes and Multifamily Midrise, submit a letter from your verifier describing the services, floor area of dwelling units, and the certification level to be achieved. You will also need to submit a preliminary LEED checklist specifying how the Priority Green requirements and certification level can be met.

    We will consider other LEED rating systems on a case by case basis.
  • Residential projects using DPD Alternative Path and Passive House: Submit a letter signed by the owner and architect or designer indicating your intent to design and construct to meet DPD Alternative Path requirements, including our Priority Green prerequisites.

3. Submit Plans

Schedule your intake appointment. Call (206) 684-8850 to schedule an intake appointment at the Applicant Service Center, or schedule an electronic plan intake appointment online. Contact to be rescheduled into a priority appointment. Allow 2 weeks between when you submit your Priority Green application materials and your intake appointment.

Initial plan review. During plan review, call (206) 684-7744 or email ― your single point of contact to facilitate resolution of issues during plan review.

4. Schedule an Inspection

Schedule your Built Green or LEED for Homes Inspection: Your Built Green or LEED verifier must inspect the project during construction. Prior to your final DPD inspection:

  • Submit your final Built Green or LEED checklist.
  • Submit a letter, signed by the Built Green or LEED verifier / consultant, confirming that your project is expected to meet the eligibility requirements. The letter should demonstrate that all applicable inspections and performance testing is complete, that documentation has been submitted to the certifying agency, and that the project is expected to meet the required certification level and Priority Green prerequisites.

Schedule your DPD Alternative Path Inspection: DPD green building staff must inspect the project during construction. Contact us at to schedule an inspection (prior to DPD's final inspection) so we can verify the Alternative Path requirements are built and installed per approved plans. Please give us several days to schedule and respond to this request.

Schedule your DPD Final Inspection: You can schedule a DPD inspection after you've completed your Built Green, LEED, or DPD Alternative Path Inspection. See the construction inspections page for when to call us and how to schedule your inspection.

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