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Animal Codes

See also: Noise Codes
  • Goats are allowed under Seattle's rules for keeping animals.

What Is It?

Our codes regulate the number and type of animals you are allowed to keep at home. Our codes also regulate the location of pet daycare centers and animal shelters and kennels, and animal husbandry as an agricultural use. 

What It Isn’t

This ordinance does not cover animal behavior, including noise, and pet ownership; contact  the Seattle Animal Shelter.

Rules to Follow

Our ordinance limitations are:

  • No more than three small animals such as dogs and cats (unless your property is over 20,000 square feet)
  • Up to eight domestic fowl (more for lots over 10,000 square feet) are allowed, but no roosters 
  • Miniature goats and small potbelly pigs are permitted with limitations
  • Farm animals (full-size goats, cows, horses, sheep, etc.) are allowed only on lots over 20,000 square feet
  • No swine are allowed other than small potbelly pigs
  • Beekeeping is permitted subject to code restrictions

Read the Code

Our Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) has several rules about owning animals in Seattle.

Land Use Code

Seattle Animal Control Code

Public Disturbance Noise


The first-time penalty for violating the limit on the number of animals is $150. The penalty for additional violations is $500. Inspection charges may also apply.

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