Pike / Pine Conservation District

The Pike / Pine neighborhood has several character buildings.
Creating new tools to preserve neighborhood character in the Pike / Pine corridor.

What's Happening Now?

The Pike / Pine Conservation Overlay District was amended in June, 2014 to strengthen measures for maintaining and enhancing the character of the Pike / Pine neighborhood. This amendment was the end of the fourth phase of this project. We are now working with Makers, an architecture and urban design consultant, to update the Pike / Pine neighborhood design guidelines so that the new rules can be effectively used in the design review process. A draft of our revised guidelines is available for public review.

Project Goals

We are maintaining the uniqueness of the Pike / Pine neighborhood by using incentives to:

  • Encourage creative ways to preserve existing buildings
  • Support small businesses
  • Preserve neighborhood character

End Result

Pike / Pine will retain its unique neighborhood character, including its early “auto-row” architecture, small businesses, and concentration of arts activities, while continuing to develop as a successful, high density, mixed use neighborhood.

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