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Pike / Pine Conservation District

The Pike / Pine neighborhood has several character buildings.
Creating new tools to preserve neighborhood character in the Pike / Pine corridor.

What's Happening Now?

We are proposing additional amendments to the land use code to respond to issues raised by development activity in the Pike / Pine neighborhood. Some of the most recent development is larger than expected because of the unusually large size of the building sites. Our proposed changes would help promote new buildings that are more compatible in scale with the existing development pattern.

Our proposal will also relax existing limits on nonresidential uses in the overlay area under certain conditions to allow more commercial development. By allowing more commercial development we can encourage a broader mix of uses in the area, increasing daytime activity and supporting Pike / Pine businesses.

Project Goals

We are maintaining the uniqueness of the Pike / Pine neighborhood by using incentives to:

  • Encourage creative ways to preserve existing buildings
  • Support small businesses
  • Preserve neighborhood character

End Result

Pike / Pine will retain its unique neighborhood character, including its early “auto-row” architecture, small businesses, and concentration of arts activities, while continuing to develop as a successful, high density, mixed use neighborhood.

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