A Shared Vision for Lake City

What’s Happening Now?

On August 16, Mayor Murray signed legislation that changes zoning within the Lake City hub urban village and commercial areas along Lake City Way from NE 95th Street to NE 145th Street. The new zoning will help create a more pedestrian oriented neighborhood as property redevelops. These changes will go into effect in September. You can find more information about the proposed zoning changes below.

More about developing a Shared Vision for Lake City

Lake City is a neighborhood that is diverse and energetic, facing its own real challenges. Residents talk about walkability, public safety, access to recreation, and neighborhood character as important priorities. Bisected by a state highway, the neighborhood has struggled to support local, walkable businesses and services, and to create a community sense of place. Residents hope to see growth and investment, but they also worry about displacing current residents and businesses.

Read the Mayor's blog about this neighborhood effort.

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