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Seattle's Comprehensive Plan

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Since 1994, Seattle's Comprehensive Plan: Toward a Sustainable Seattle has guided growth in Seattle with the goal of fostering a healthy and vibrant city for years to come.

What’s Happening Now?

We have published the Mayor’s recommended 2014-2015 amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. You can find these documents and more on the Project Documents page. This year’s amendments include the results of the state-mandated review and update of the Plan, as well as other recommendations that addressed discretionary amendments proposed by Seattle residents and City departments.

These state-mandated amendments update data about demographics, capital facilities, and transportation / utility infrastructure. We revised our 20-year growth targets and distribution of growth to the six urban centers. There are also amendments to environmentally critical areas and low impact development policies that address other state requirements. The discretionary amendments include modifications to several neighborhood plans (Central Area, Downtown, Morgan Junction and Lake City).

The City Council’s PLUS (Planning, Land Use and Sustainability) Committee will be considering 2014-2015 annual amendments in the second quarter of 2015 (Resolution 31536). To follow the progress of these changes, sign up for our Comprehensive Plan mailing list in the sidebar and/or join the PLUS mailing list.

We continue to work on Seattle 2035, the update to the Comprehensive Plan. If you missed any past Seattle 2035 events, visit to view videos, reports, presentations, and display materials. Your comments are always welcome by email,, or by commenting through our Seattle 2035 website. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

We have compiled the Comprehensive Plan amendments City Council adopted in April 2014 into the Comprehensive Plan. You can download updated pages on our Project Documents page.

What is the Seattle Comprehensive Plan?

Our Comprehensive Plan, Toward a Sustainable Seattle, is a 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle’s future. Our plan guides City decisions on where to build new jobs and houses, how to improve our transportation system, and where to make capital investments such as utilities, sidewalks, and libraries. Our Comprehensive Plan is the framework for most of Seattle’s big-picture decisions on how to grow while preserving and improving our neighborhoods.

Our Comprehensive Plan meets the requirements of the Washington State Growth Management Act by helping protect our environment, quality of life, and economic development. Our plan is consistent with Vision 2040 and King County’s Countywide Planning Policies.

The four core values of Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan are:

  • Community - developing strong connections between a diverse range of people and places
  • Environmental Stewardship - protect and improve the quality of our global and local natural environment
  • Economic Opportunity and Security - a strong economy and a pathway to employment is fundamental to maintaining our quality of life
  • Social Equity - limited resources and opportunities must be shared; and the inclusion of under-represented communities in decision-making processes is necessary

Our plan’s urban village strategy supports the core values by:

  • Directing growth to existing urban centers and villages
  • Contributing to the vibrancy of our neighborhood centers
  • Reinforcing the benefits of City investments in transit, parks, utilities, community centers, and other infrastructures

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