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Guide to the Archives of the City of Seattle

Record Group 3200
Seattle-King County Health Department

Seattle's public health agency was established in 1900 as the Department of Sanitation. In 1951 the department merged with the King County Department of Health. Prior to 1981, the City of Seattle administered the department with the two jurisdictions providing funding in proportion to their populations. Reorganization in 1981 placed administrative control in the hands of the County while the City retained direct policy and funding control over the Seattle Services Division. Departmental records are managed by King County. The Board of Health was created by the 1890 City Charter with authority to supervise the health and sanitation of the City; it was abolished in 1908.

Board of Health Minutes

2 volumes

Proceedings of the Board of Health. Includes monthly reports (1890-1892) of the Health Officer with statistical summary of deaths and nuisances reported. Subjects include sewers, drainage, contagious diseases, building inspections, vital statistics, and burials. The original minutes are in two bound volumes.

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Annual Reports

0.5 cubic foot

Statistical and narrative reports including birth, death, and disease information correlated by variables. The 1932-1935 report traces most statistics from 1901 to 1935. The 1939-1943 report is a 433 page history and survey of public health in Seattle and includes a brief history of the city. The 19th century reports are photocopies; location of the originals is unknown.

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Seattle-King County's Health (Newsletter)

0.2 cubic foot

Monthly newsletter of the Seattle/King County Department of Public Health. Includes health tips, reviews of department activities, and statistics on communicable diseases, birth, and deaths.


Departmental Publications

0.2 cubic foot

Various newsletters and statistical reports published by the department. Also includes some brochures.

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Weekly and Monthly Health Indexes

0.4 cubic foot

Includes Weekly Health Indexes, 1939-1947; Communicable Disease, Morbidity, and Mortality Reports, 1960-1963; and Disease Occurrence Reports, 1964-1967. Weekly index includes statistical breakdown of deaths by cause and diseases by type. The records from the 1960s include statistics on deaths, immunizations, and communicable diseases.

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Venereal Disease Reports

0.2 cubic foot

The monthly venereal disease reports include a narrative report, statistical summary of cases reported, police arrests and quarantines, army and navy treatments, and information regarding health clinics treatments.

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