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Guide to the Archives of the City of Seattle

Record Group 0200
Fleets and Facilities Department

The Fleets and Facilities Department (FFD) manages and maintains municipal real property and facilities, as well as overseeing the City’s vehicle fleet. FFD was created in 2001 in a reorganization of the Executive Services Department, which was itself created from a merger between the Finance Department, the Personnel Department, and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) in 1997. DAS was created in 1980 with the merger of certain functions of the General Services Department, Building Department, Division of Motor Transportation, and Office of Management and Budget.

Director's Records

14 cubic feet

Files of the Director of the Fleets and Facilities Department, including Director’s files from its predecessor agencies, the General Services Department, Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and Executive Services Department. Records date from 1975-1987 and 1999-2002 with the bulk of the records falling in the earlier period and deriving from DAS. Files include correspondence, subject files, organizational charts, reports (including division directors’ weekly reports), agreements, and agendas. Topics include the reorganization to form the Department of Administrative Services, city real estate, buildings, vehicles, shops, office services, printing, duplication, telecommunications, data processing, procurement of computers and information systems, space planning, DAS budgets, rules and procedures. Also includes information about the Department’s participation from 1976 to 1984 in the U.S. Air Force’s Education In Industry program which assigned Air Force officers to the City’s Fleets Division for transportation management training. Departmental correspondence with the Mayor’s Office is included in the later records.

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0.2 cubic foot

Newsletters published by the Department of General Services and the Department of Administrative Services. Includes publications for both employees and customers.

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Facility Architectural Plans

4.0 cubic feet

Architectural drawings of structures once owned by the City but subsequently either sold to private interests or demolished. Primarily includes old fire stations, but also includes Ballard City Hall, fireboat Duwamish, Jefferson Street Trolley Station, the Municipal Stables, and other municipal buildings, shops, and yards.

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City Hall Project Records

2.4 cubic feet

Memoranda, meeting agendas and minutes, and reports on the need for a new city hall in Seattle and where and how it would be established. Topics include employee and visitor needs, space needs, available properties, the benefits of building a new city hall rather than leasing space, and financial analyses. The series contains appraisals of existing spaces available for lease, minutes of public information meetings, reports on space needs, and minutes and reports of the Planning and Design Advisory Committee.

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Emergency Operations Center Records

1988-1992 (bulk)
4.0 cubic feet

Records of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), an administrative apparatus designed to facilitate City government and coordination during periods of significant crisis. In the event of such a disaster, the EOC would mobilize and become the central headquarters for the Mayor's Office as well as for the heads of all City departments. The files include pertinent records from EOC, the Office of Emergency Management, the inter-departmental Disaster Management Committee, and the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), which took over management of the OEM following a 1991 reorganization. Records include subject files, organizational charts, internal and external reports, meeting agendas, informational bulletins, and correspondence from a multitude of private entities and public agencies at the municipal, county, state, and federal levels. Topics covered include administration, evaluation of past operations, emergency management procedure, planning, disaster simulation exercises, and training programs.

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Real Estate Appraisals

58.0 cubic feet

Real estate appraisals of buildings and property for a variety of locations in Seattle from several appraisers. Appraisals include photographs and are helpful for learning about the historical context of property; description and images, as well as assessed value, of neighboring properties are often included. Some title reports are also included. Property appraised is primarily open space and is located in all parts of the city, including Queen Anne, the Duwamish, Pipers Creek, Thornton Creek, Longfellow Creek, as well as other creeks, the Kiwanas Ravine, as well as other ravines, the Arroyos Natural Area, and property under consideration through the Opportunity Fund. The Opportunity Fund was creat ed to provide funding for exemplary and time sensitive projects addressing both City and neighborhood priorities in neighborhood plans and that leverage other funding. Arranged by parcel description.

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Real Estate Services Records

2.0 cubic feet

Records of planning for a new City Hall, a Civic Center to include federal and municipal courthouses and the new City Hall, and other miscellaneous projects. The series contains correspondence, memoranda, agenda, minutes, and reports, and is divided into three subseries: City Hall, Civic Center, and Miscellaneous. Topics include the planning and needs of employees that would be relocated to the new City Hall and courthouses, potential sites for these buildings, construction costs, and minutes of the Real Estate Oversight Committee.

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ImageBank Digital Photographs

44056 digital image files

ImageBank was created and maintained by the Design, Print, & Copy division of the Fleets and Facilities Department from 1999-2004. Compiled by the City Photographers, ImageBank makes up a large portion of the Photo Archives digital collection with more than 44,000 images. Photograph content depicts dams and energy resources and other public utilities; creeks, watersheds, and environmental restoration; new building construction and renovation; transportation facilities, construction, and maintenance; animals and wildlife; parks and public art; rural and urban areas; City programs and events; City employees at work in various fields; people and cultural activities, groundbreakings and community events; libraries and neighborhoods; and elected officials. Also contains scanned images before 1999.

0207-01 in Photograph Index
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Capital Programs Digital Photographs

6456 digital image files

Content depicts capital improvement projects undertaken by the Fleets and Facilities Department. Subject matter includes fireboat construction, as well as fire station improvements, renovation, and construction. Also features images of fire station groundbreakings and community celebrations; the fireboat welcome ceremony on Elliot Bay; construction and opening of the Joint Training Facility in West Seattle; City Hall and Justice Center construction; and improvements to other city facilities.

0208-01 in Photograph Index
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