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The 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition - Home
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Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition - Digital Documents


Petition of T.S. Fancher regarding refund of amusement license fee (November 23, 1907)

Recommendation and correspondence regarding water infrastructure (April 6, 1908)

Petition of Seattle Federation of Women's Clubs for additional comfort stations (June 29, 1908)

Endorsement by Board of Public Works of comfort station request (July 6, 1908)

Agreement regarding water service to the fair (July 13, 1908)

Letter from Mayor Miller regarding police force (April 5, 1909)

Recommendations regarding police protection at the Exposition (April 19, 1909)

Recommendation regarding construction of welcome arch (May 3, 1909)

Agreement for construction of welcome arch (June 9, 1909)

Proposal for installation of American flags on downtown streets (June 2, 1909)

Petition from booth operators (June 14, 1909)

Request that Cedar River water be supplied to the fair (June 28, 1909)

Petition from vendors (June 28, 1909)

Letter from mayor of Appleton, Wisconsin, acknowledging invitation to AYPE (July 29, 1909)

Letters regarding designation of Cactus Dahlia as the fair's official flower (August 12, 1909)

Request for retention of additional policemen (September 27, 1909)

Resolution regarding Parks Department's lease of AYPE grounds (October 11, 1909)

Petition supporting maintenance of fair grounds as a park (October 16, 1909)

Request for City's purchase of fire alarm boxes (October 25, 1909)

Letter and statement of expenditures regarding police protection (December 2, 1909)

Letter regarding City's interest in retaining U.S. Government Buildings (December 6, 1909)


Logo from AYPE letterhead (1909)

Photo of AYPE building and grounds construction (1908)

Map of AYPE grounds (1909)

Photo of welcome arch on Second Avenue (1909)

Photo of AYPE entry gate (1909)

Postcard of Mt. Rainier as seen from the fair (1909)

Photo of AYPE fire station (1909)

Postcard of Arctic Circle (1909)

Aerial photo of AYPE grounds (1909)

Postcard of U.S. Government Building (1909)

Photo of AYPE police guard (1909)

Postcard of Rainier Vista (1909)

Photo of AYPE at night (1909)

The following documents are available in full text in our legislative database:

Ordinance 20285, authorizing employment of special detectives (March 1, 1909)

Ordinance 20511, appropriating $750 for panoramic views of the city (March 22, 1909)

Ordinance 20541, authorizing funds for fire alarm system (March 22, 1909)

Ordinance 20587, appropriating funds for official printed invitations (March 29, 1909)

Ordinance 20742, authorizing the appointment of additional fire fighters (April 19, 1909)

Ordinance 20839, directing the Board of Public Works to construct a detention and comfort station (May 3, 1909)

Ordinance 20856, authorizing a temporary streetcar station on Brooklyn Avenue (May 3, 1909)

Ordinance 21037, authorizing construction of a welcome arch on Second Avenue (June 2, 1909)

Ordinance 21039, funding postage for city's official invitations (June 2, 1909)

Ordinance 21076, authorizing the appointment of an assistant fire chief for the AYPE station (June 2, 1909)

Ordinance 21077, authorizing the hiring of additional fire fighters for the AYPE station (June 2, 1909)

Ordinance 21399, authorizing $16 to pay H.J. Hunt for sending invitations (July 6, 1909)

Ordinance 21410, directing the Water Department to sell water to the exposition (July 12, 1909)

Ordinance 21487, authorizing the stringing of an incandescent light banner (July 19, 1909)

Resolution 206, inviting the Grand Army of the Republic to hold its National Encampment in Seattle during the fair (August 6, 1906)

Resolution 1482, authorizing the Board of Public Works to enter into an agreement to supply water to the fair (June 22, 1908)

Resolution 1921, requesting that the Liberty Bell be loaned to Seattle for the fair (January 4, 1909)

Resolution 2549, thanking the Police Department and Chief of Police for services rendered during the fair (December 6, 1909)