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CANOES invites all Federal, State, County and City employees, particularly those of tribal, Native American, Indigenous people ancestry to join our ranks.    Activities may include participation in diversity events, race and social justice, educational forums/conferences, brown bags, and celebration of all people!


CANOES meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month at various locations from 12pm to 1pm.  Locations may include, Seattle Municipal Tower, Parks and Recreation, Seattle Police Department, Cedar River Watershed, Operations Control Center, Joint Training Facility, North Operations Control Center.

Board Members

Marta Idowu (Choctaw), Co- Chair
Seattle Office for Civil Rights

Shannon Morrison (Tlingit), Co-Chair
City Personnel
(206) 684-7996

Tina Sajor (Tlingit/Filipino), Secretary
Human Services Department

Flor Alarcon Avendano (Mayan), Board Member
Human Services Department
(206) 684-0610


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