Photo by Lorna Jordan

Lorna Jordan
Dragonfly Garden

Longfellow Creek Watershed
28th Avenue S.W. and S.W. Dakota Street

Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art and construction funds

Lorna Jordan's Dragonfly Garden serves as a dramatic entry and overlook to Longfellow Creek and initiates a journey into the Longfellow Creek Watershed. A large red-bronze sculptural dragonfly hovers over a terrazzo seating area. Surrounding the seating area are wing-shaped water-wise garden areas demonstrating salmon friendly and water-wise gardening techniques.

The artwork serves as an outdoor classroom and highlights Seattle Public Utilities' (SPU) educational message at the site. The dragonfly is an indicator species, signifying the environmental health of a habitat. the artwork emphasizes the restoration of Longfellow Creek watershed's environmental health over which SPU has stewardship responsibilities with its drainage and Combined Sewer Outflow (CSO) control activities.

Also at the site is the Adams Fish Bridge artwork that crosses the Longfellow Creek and provides an opportunity to observe this natural resource. The bridge's form, in the shape of a salmon, is also symbolic of SPU's creek restoration efforts.

Blurring boundaries between sculpture, ecology, architecture, and theater, Lorna Jordan's artworks engage communities with place. Her projects are more than objects in space - they are ideas, places, and actions. They awaken the sense, tap into imaginations, connect people to systems, and provide strong place identities. They also enhance the environment while triggering internal emotions and narratives.